"Western Rebel" Saddle with Living Bar®

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We are in the early stages of offering a breakthrough of technology and comfort to the saddle world! 

The Living Bar® is a registered trademark of Stonewall Saddles LLC out of California. 

The carbon fiber material of this revolutionary saddle tree offers unparalleled strength and minimal weight. 

Imagine being able to use the same saddle on multiple horses with NO adjustment! The Living Bar® adapts to the horse's back in real-time along the length of the tree and bars. This ensures excellent contact along the entire width and length of the bars. Some horses with more sway or very short backs may require center shims, which are extremely easy to insert.

We are combining the Living Bar® tree with our proven Sensation Ride™ saddle materials and patterns to create a saddle which we are sure you and your horse will love!

+++ Lightweight (under 13lbs. / 6kg.)

+++ No adjustments required for most horses

+++ Very comfortable - user-adjustable for the rider

+++ Self-levelling rigging with options for girth or cinch

+++ The ultimate trail/endurance saddle (more models to follow)

+++ Very user-adjustable - for fine-tuning stirrup position, seat shape, etc.

+++ North American made parts, labour, and final assembly

+++ Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have an introductory price on this model which combines our existing styles of Sensation Ride™ parts with this revolutionary saddle tree. 

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Please contact us directly for further information - 888-492-8225 or Dana(at)nickerssaddlery.com

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