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URAD Leather Care Products
URAD Leather Care Products
URAD Leather Care Products

URAD Leather Care Products

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URAD cleans, moisturizes, protects and shines in 30 seconds without buffing! 100% natural and biodegradable. Contains no silicone, alcohol or petroleum-based products.

URAD is a leather cream created for all types of leather goods whether gloves or hats, dress shoes or boots, leather clothing or accessories, car interiors, saddles and even expensive leather furniture.

If your leather items look old, weather-worn or color-faded, URAD's patented one-application-does-it-all cream is designed to revive, restore and enhance all of them. The essential one-step product for complete leather care.

URAD NEUTRAL brings back and revives the original color. URAD is remarkable in restoring damaged or dried-up leathers to mint condition. Also an efficient protection against water, salt, calcium and mold problems.

Preferably use URAD NEUTRAL on furniture and saddles, and URAD COLOR on boots and shoes.


  • Test color resistance on a concealed part.
  • Tenderly and URAD are often used together on furniture or clothing. Either one after the other or preferably mixed together.


A softener that protects and gives leather a soft touch.

Especially suitable on leather clothing such as gloves, pants and jackets, and for any color. Tenderly suits all leather that won't put up with greasy, wax-base polishes or any regular leather care product. Particularly, exotic leathers, kid, lambskin.

It will also soften cowhide and more robust leather. Not available in colours. 

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