Sensation Ride ™ Westlish Rebel
Sensation Ride ™ Westlish Rebel
Sensation Ride ™ Westlish Rebel
Sensation Ride ™ Westlish Rebel

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Sensation Ride ™ Westlish Rebel


This product is made to order. Please contact us for more information.

The Westlish Rebel model is completely unique and conforms to no tradition. The flap on the Westlish Rebel is ideally suited to the English flap and standard stitch lines. While the western seat and seat jockeys add to the feeling of riding a “substantial” saddle.

The seat on the Westlish Rebel offers a rider a roomy, relatively flat & open cushioned zone, that is unless the seat is contoured with a bolster. The knee roll is average with a removable knee block attached under the knee roll.

Rings located at the rear and sides of the seats create attachment areas for cantle packs or water bottle holders for convenience on the trail. Front rings are for attaching a breastplate and carry handle. Lower flap rings are meant for anchoring cantle packs or water bottles.

Available in various choices of smooth to grippy leathers – check with Nickers or your dealer for the latest offerings. Hardware choices are Stainless steel or solid brass.

The Westlish Rebel can be made with the dressage cantle, hybrid cantle, western cantle or tall western cantle.  Swell choices are Hybrid, Western or Tall Western. The default choice for the Westlish Rebel is tall western swell and cantle.

Standard features include  2" (5cm) wide stirrup leathers with sliding western fenders. Some popular options are rear rigging "D", added hardware, cheyenne roll, hook receptive underside and removable rigging.

Due to the numerous custom features available, our Sensation Ride™ treeless saddles are not available for online purchase. Instead, one of our Sensation Ride™ Specialists work with you personally to develop the ideal saddle for you.

Standard features include:

  • 13" wide x 4" tall cantle
  • 5cm - 56cm Length - front to back
  • 75 cm depth - top to bottom
  • Weight between 5.5 - 7 kgs.
  • Sizes between 14" - 16.5"

Please find our Pre-order form here, or contact us for more information on making your customized saddle!