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Sensation Ride™ Tundra
Sensation Ride™ Tundra

Sensation Ride™ Tundra

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The Sensation Ride™ Tundra is the new model as of 2018. The Tundra is a very lightweight, minimalistic model that is essentially "bare bones". It got its name because a Tundra is a bare, treeless region! 

The Tundra offers a very simple design that doesn't limit adjustability. It is built in a similar way that the SHE (Sensation Harmony Element) is built, in that the cantle and pommel are fully adjustable. The biggest difference between the SHE and Tundra is that the Tundra does not have knee or thigh rolls, or an English style flap.  The shorter, Western style flap is well-suited to shorter riders. It also cuts down on some of the weight, making it the lightest saddle in our line-up! 

It comes with 3-rings for removable rigging (as is the default for our saddles starting in 2017) which allows for maximum adjustability. You can have 3 billets, 2 billets and a buckle, 2 billets and a ring, etc. Mix and match your cantles; if you need one with more height or one that is less intrusive, you can achieve that easily with the Tundra. 

The low-profile design also means that it really is non-restrictive to the horse in a number of ways. This model, as with any of our models, can be paired with external panels if more structure or support is needed. 

All of our saddles are built to order, so if you are interested in ordering, you can fill out one of our no-obligation pre-order forms to receive an estimate from one of our Sensation Ride™ specialists! 

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