Sensation Ride™ Rope Reins

Nickers Saddlery Ltd.

Sensation Ride™ Rope Reins


Continuous loop 9ft reins made from Yacht Rope, these reins break in very softly and will stand up to about anything you can dish at them. Easy to snap on and off - which makes it easy to use as a lead rope when tacking up or opening gates when unmounted.

Made standard to a comfortable length of 9 ft, so you can hold the reins without having dangerous loops dangling too low. A handy grazing string is added, so when you stop for water or a nibble of grass, you can hang onto the string instead of leaning forward to allow your horse to eat or drink. Standard have scissor snap ends in either Brass or Nickle plated, and can be made with breakaway ends or permanent ends.

Can be made longer or shorter by request. Comes in a variety of colours - if you want a specific colour just ask!

To clean - simply soak in a bucket of warm water and mild detergent. Rinse and air-dry.