Nickers Necktie

Nickers Necktie

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Have you ever considered handling your horse in their day-to-day routines with a neck rope instead of a halter and lead?

To date, I have personally not found any drawbacks to handling my horses in this manner. (unless the loop is too large and slips off)

 Ease of catching and bridling are obvious benefits. Other pluses are that tying overhead is safer. Overhead tying is very useful for horse camping and a great way to stop a horse from pulling back; even chronic pullers can be helped.

The "Necktie" is constructed from 5/8" double braid poly marine rope, stainless steel or solid brass hardware including the adjustable locking screw and the bolt snap.

Common lengths: 8 foot for the independent horse (with breakaway tie at 65"), 10 foot for most any situation (with breakaway tie at 65"),, 14 foot training length (with breakaway tie at 65" from end) 

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