Easyboot Fit Kit


Easyboot Fit Kit


This product is made to order. Please contact us for more information.


The Easyboot Fit Kit lets you try different sized Glove, Glue-On and Back Country boot shells to ensure the perfect fit.

The new Easyboot Glove and Easyboot Glue-On horse boots represent a revolution in hoof boot design. They are lightweight and simple, and fit the hoof seamlessly.

Because both new boots have no hardware or fastening systems, achieving a good fit is more important than ever. And because proper fit is so vital, we decided it would be best to offer these boots in half sizes.

Each shell has only four millimeters of width difference between the next shell size. For reference, 4mm is the width of 3 dimes. This tight gap between sizes helps ensure a snug fit, but it also means that there is little room for error in measuring and determining the proper size of boot.

The Fit Kit allows consumers to fit their horse’s feet in the Glue-On and/or Glove/Back Country Glove shell before ordering, to ensure the best fit possible without the hassle and wasted time of buying and returning multiple boots. Pre-fitting in the shell will ensure a perfect fit in both the Easyboot Glove, Easyboot Glove Back Country or Easyboot Glue-On hoof boot lines.

The shell used in both the Easyboot Glove, Easyboot Glove Back Country and Easyboot Glue-On products is flexible and has a great deal of stretch. Although taking hoof measurements is a great starting point for fitting any hoof boot, the Fit Kit will allow you to see for certain if a new range fits your horse’s feet well, and exactly which size fits best.