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Cinnamon Ground

Cinnamon Ground

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Insulin resistance in Horses - try Cinnamon

Cinnamon -  Adding a Little Spice to your Horse's Diet can Help in Coping with Insulin Resistance

By Gloria Garland L.Ac, Dipl. Ac. & CH. (excerpt http://www.wholehorse.com/cinnamon.html)

Insulin resistance (IR) is becoming an all too common problem among horses. Cinnamon, a spice found in every kitchen cupboard, may offer help.

IR what is it and why is it a problem?

Insulin resistance (IR) is the inability of the body to remove blood sugar (glucose) from circulation. Insulin resistance can lead to the development of several related diseases like laminitis and equine Cushing’s disease. 

Excess bodyweight, lack of exercise and/or a modern diet high in sugars and starch (found in high amounts in many commercially processed feeds) may predispose a horse to develop insulin resistance. 

Typically, an IR horse is an easy keeper with a cresty neck or unusual fat deposits on its sides or tail head. IR horses often get warm feet, become tender footed or have a tendency toward laminitis.

Cinnamon - How it works

Very simply, cinnamon helps enable cells to recognize and respond to insulin, the hormone that transports glucose (sugar) from the blood and deposits it into cells. Methylhydroxy chalcone polymer (MHCP), a compound in cinnamon, makes cells more responsive to insulin by activating the enzyme that causes insulin to bind to cells and by inhibiting the enzyme that blocks this process.

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