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Our own brand - Made in Canada

Our reputation has been built on our dedication to building quality saddles which we stand behind and produce in Canada. Our Sensation Ride ™ saddle line-up has been successful for over 12 years in the world treeless saddle marketplace. We strive to ensure each horse and rider partnership is completely confident in their purchase.  

Every saddle is hand made by skilled artisans, using hand-picked hides and taking into account each customer's particular needs and wishes. 
Our attention to ergonomic performance and even weight distribution without added rigidity is the best in the business.
Please contact one of our representatives nearest to you to assist you through the ordering process.

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Enhancing our own saddle line-up are the saddles by:

Deuber and Partner from Germany.


We chose to represent this line of saddlery for their very innovative design concepts, combined with ease of adjustment, value, quality and design.

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DP Saddlery LP is Deuber & Partner, Germany and in corporation with leading trainers and specialists of the Equine industry, we develop and manufacture innovative, modern and comfortable saddle concepts for nearly 20 years.

Ulrich Deuber, master saddler in third generation, developed - together with his team - saddles for different riding styles over the years: Baroque, English (Maxima), Endurance (Quantum), Western- and treeless saddles (Startrekk).

Among other innovations, such as a continuously variable gullet size in the Ultra-Flex saddle trees, an extremely lightweight treeless saddle, that avoids pressure spots all together, or the brand new Western Dressage models that combine the advantages of a dressage saddle with the amenities of a Western saddle, Working Equitation saddle (El Campo) and much more.

Here the greatest value is always placed on:

- Extraordinary quality at affordable prices

- Best comfort combined with maximum functionality and top design

- Wide range of models for various disciplines all throughout equestrian sports

- Various trees and styles for a large variety and types of horses.

 -The love of horses is what motivates us to do better every day.