Rigging Options

Rigging Options

Each Sensation Ride™ treeless saddle can be customized with the stirrup and girth rigging style of your choice. To learn about the various rigging styles available and see examples, please click on the photos below.


Please also look at our series of how to videos, showing various stirrup attachment methods

What is the difference between Standard Rigging and Multipurpose Rigging?
Standard rigging consists of two billets for your girth, and a buckle or ring in between the billets for your stirrup leather to attach to.  This buckle can be placed in position 1 (forward), 2 (neutral) or 3 (back) depending on where you would like your leg to naturally hang.
Multipurpose rigging consists of three billets.  Two are for your girth, and one is for your stirrup leather to attach to, it gives you options as to where your lower leg position could be. 

Is Standard or Multipurpose rigging better?

That depends entirely on you and your horse! For example, a shorter rider may find that Multipurpose rigging does not allow them to get their stirrups short enough, while a trainer who rides multiple horses in one saddle may find that Standard rigging does not allow enough adjustment for the girth angle. All of our rigging options provide the same weight distribution benefit. There are many factors that go into determining which rigging style is right for you – please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you.

What is "removable rigging?"

Having the removable rigging options allows you to change the type of rigging as well as exchange billet straps if they should become damaged or wear out.

Will the Mid Flap Ring rub my leg?

No. This ring sits just behind your leg – most riders do not even realize it is there!

Which rigging style offers the most adjust-ability?
Removable rigging offers the greatest degree of adjust-ability, as you are able to change between Standard and Multipurpose rigging. However, it is not always the best option for shorter riders as the added hardware extends the length of the stirrup attachment. Multipurpose rigging allows you to change the angle of your girth, and/or where your leg is positioned.

What is the cost difference between the options?
There is no additional cost to have the Mid Flap Ring on any model (however it cannot be added to the Westlish Rebel or Western Sport). There is no additional cost to get Standard Rigging on any saddle model. There is an additional $35 cost to get Multipurpose Rigging on the following models: English Trail, Dressage Trail, Hybrid, Harmony Element.
Removable rigging is an additional cost on all models at $40 per removable rigging/billet pair.

I don’t know which rigging option is best for me!
If you are having trouble deciding which option is best for you, or have any questions, please contact us or your nearest representative. Our Sensation Ride™ Specialists will be happy to help you determine which rigging option is the best fit for you and your horse!