Spring is coming :-)


Ahhh, the time all horses and people look forward to... warmer weather, new adventures and new tack!

Don't get caught in the rush - take time to check all your gear for needed repairs, updating or replacement before the leaves come out.


Prepare for the ticks. Those harmful little guys will take every chance to cling onto to your horse and cause health trouble for your horse, and you and they are out before the snow has gone.

The best defense we have found against ticks is peppermint and/or menthol. Oil or powder is effective. 

Prior to venturing out, spread powder or oil directly onto your horse's lower limbs, underbelly and between the jawbones. 

Gold Bond foot powder (which we do not yet sell) available in most drug stores is a great item to have on hand for tick repelling, hoof boot freshening, saddle rubbing during shedding season and treatment for minor skin conditions. 

Let's make 2016 a year to ride as much as possible!

Happy Trails