Choosing the right style of saddle for your horse

Once you’ve determined that your horse is a suitable candidate for a Sensation Treeless saddle, there are a few considerations to take to decide which model will suit you best.  A Sensation Ride™ rep will be able to help you determine which options will suit you and your horse’s needs the best.

Some commonly asked questions or comments are:

“I have really short legs. I trail ride and sometimes ride in the ring.”

We suggest going with a saddle that has a dressage flap. If you are short from hip to knee, the dressage flap will allow you to comfortably find support in the knee roll. We also suggest having the standard flap shortened a bit, to help you utilize the Hard Use attachment or Endurance set up. Sensation Saddles can be shortened up to 2″.

For more information on customizing saddle flaps, please click here.

“I ride Endurance – which is the Endurance model?”

There is no designated Endurance model – each of the Sensation saddles is suited for endurance, it all depends on your personal riding preferences. We can add rings to any of the saddles to allow you as much versatility and convenience as you need. Because the saddles were designed by an endurance rider, they are all designed to be rough and tough enough to handle whatever you can throw at them.

For more information on building/customizing your personal endurance saddle, please click here.

“I like to jump, but I also do lots of other activities.”

Unless you have extremely long legs, the English Trail is a suitable saddle for those who like to have a seat that is open enough to shorten your stirrups and do some casual jumping. Even the Hybrid is ok for small jumps, especially when paired with the English Trail flap. The English Trail is designed to be an all-purpose flap.

For a more extensive list of saddle models with detailed explanation, take a look at our Sensation Ride™ line up.

“I am a new rider, I want to feel very secure in the saddle. I usually ride in a western saddle and I like the horn.”

If you are a new rider, or a rider who has lost their confidence, we suggest going with either the Westlish Rebel saddle or the Hybrid. These models are designed to allow a very deep seat, but with support to your leg as well. We do not put a horn in our saddles because there is nothing solid to anchor it to, since our pommels and cantles are stuffed instead of formed. If you are nervous to ride without a horn, we encourage you to use the mane or the “holy crap!” strap that comes standard with most models.  You can also inquire about which swell tilt and cantle height will be best for you.  Suede seats are also available for a little extra grip!


Mix N’ Match

Each saddle is a custom order; because of this, we can mix and match components to create the perfect saddle for you. We give you a short list below, but for a more detailed explanation of available options, check out our section on saddle customization. Not only will this give you a better understanding of the various parts of the saddle, it will allow you to see all the options we provide to create a saddle with a unique character.

English/Dressage Flap – The English flap is slightly more forward, and all purpose shaped as opposed to the straighter dressage flap.

Pommels – If you like the dressage flap but want a more open feeling seat, try the English Trail pommel, it is a little shallower and narrower. Want a bigger change? Have the reduced version of the ET pommel.

Cantles – If you prefer a deeper or shallower seat, consider trading cantles. The Hybrid cantle fitted to the Dressage Trail can increase your feeling of having the cantle wrap around your behind, without having to go to a Hybrid saddle with a western swell.

Knee Blocks – If you have a horse with a smaller shoulder, or if you like the feeling of larger knee support, consider swapping your regular sized knee blocks for Mega Rolls, which are sold as an upgrade or individually. These give a solid feel in front of your leg and are excellent for dressage, or for a rider who likes the feel of a firm leg support. If you prefer the opposite, and like a more open, close contact knee roll, you can take the knee rolls right off from underneath and use the saddle without.

Seats – Standard and Formal Seats may be interchanged on all English models.  Standard seats offer more padding in front of your thighs and are good for use on slightly downhill horses.  Formal seats have less padding, so help to open the seat up and also give the saddle a more ‘traditional show ring’ look.