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For Horses and Their Riders

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Dedicated to improving the lives of horses

We are interested in achieving the highest level of comfort for the horse as well as the rider. We offer a wide variety of products that help reach this goal. Our Sensation Ride™ line are our own proprietary designs and if it is not something that suits the needs of you and your horse, we offer other solutions as well. 

Breaking through traditional barriers

We aim to ensure the horse is well taken care of, not only when it comes to fitting a saddle, but also in from head to toe. Need options for supplementing feed, optimizing your barefoot horses performance, or gear that suits both you and your horse? Contact Us to find out more.

Don't take our word for it, hear it from our customers!

I probably have one of the first sensation saddles Dana has made. You can't turn back. I still love it after many years and I can put it on my dainty Paso Fino and next ride.... on my lovely large Fjord gelding. I trust Dana's consultation in saddle fitting, foot health and care.... and pretty much everything about horses. She is inventive and bright as a new penny.


Absolutely love my new saddle. Everything from putting in the original order to all my queries afterwards were answered promptly and in a very friendly manner. Am definitely going to keep Nickers in mind for future orders.


When I was on the hunt for hoof boots, it was suggested by a friend to give [Nickers] a call. [They] helped me weigh the options for my horses, and what would work best for my needs and their hoof shapes. I needed the boots pretty quick, so she offered grey hound shipping and I had them in my hot little hands and on my horse's feet super quick. VERY happy with the service I received, and will be placing another order this spring!


Really awesome company. Their products are well thought-out, and the staff are wonderfully knowledgeable and friendly. Nickers was so helpful in creating the perfect, custom-made saddle for me and the ponies I ride. I love my saddle and the ponies are very happy in it!